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Elly Tran Ha Profile:
Real Name : Nguyen Kim Hong
Birthday a: 08 June 1987
Birth place : Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
Nationality : Vietnam
Horoscope Star : Gemini
Blood Group : A
Height : 1.68m
Weight : 47kg
Body Measurement :88:58:90

Elly Tran Ha grew up in Ho Chi Minh City and like many of us, her progression toward adulthood was more awkward, self-conscious and flat-out stressful than it was natural. According to her, she "developed" early and significantly, which led her to change her wardrobe to draw less attention to herself and try to proceed as a regular teenager in high school. Always the supporter, Elly Tran Ha's mother pushed her into other activities at school, like singing and public speaking, to give her the confidence that she could do as she pleased without fear or shame.
While her mother's support wound up giving Elly Tran Ha an interest in singing, it did only so much to alleviate her concerns about her body. At a certain point, shame gave way to confidence, especially when she began to consider the ways that Vietnam's pop culture was changing around her.
elly tran ha invades the internetOnce conservative by North American standards, Vietnamese web sites were now featuring so-called "hot girls," beauties who were using their own pictures to carve out entertainment careers. Chief among them was Thuy Top (coined by the locals as "The Vietnamese Paris Hilton"), who added two picture sets to her little-known blog and suddenly got MMA modeling opportunities and a television acting role.
With this in mind, Elly Tran Ha chose a similar path when modeling prospects approached her. Legend has it that she had a blog, but the simple truth is that the posting of her picture sets in the fall of 2009 on the popular photo site Flickr created near-instant pandemonium. Though the sets were strictly PG-13 in nature and ranged from classy indoor shots to bright outdoor photos, everyone wanted a piece of Elly Tran Ha's big smile and her formidable clothed figure.
elly tran ha the singerNow the unofficial tour guide for Vietnam, Elly Tran Ha was an internet picture fixture, but she was careful to set her limits and expand her horizons. In the weeks following her pop culture invasion, she stated that posing for overtly sexy pictures or stripping all the way down was not part of her game plan. She did not want to be objectified. Instead, she continued modeling, but also pursued opportunities in singing. Now with a modeling deal with a plane company and Vietnamese television talent show victory to show off, the next phase of Elly Tran Ha's journey through the entertainment galaxy is well underway.

Hot girl Elly Tran Ha

Hot girl Elly Tran with bikini

Vietnamese Hot Girl Elly Tran Ha in red bikini
Vietnamese Hot Girl Elly Tran Ha in red bikini

Vietnamese Hot Girl Elly Tran Ha in lingerie
Vietnamese Hot Girl Elly Tran Ha in lingerie

Vietnamese Hot Girl Elly Tran Ha
Vietnamese Hot Girl Elly Tran Ha


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