Melissa Reign: Filipina model

Melissa Reign Profile:
Name: Melissa Reign
DOB: 12/22/1984
Nationality: Filipina
Born in: Mandaluyong, Philippines
Raised in: Bay Area, CA
Prep: Highlands in Daly City
Kindergarten: Serra Vista in Daly City
Elementary: Our Lady of Mercy in Daly City
HS: St. Paul College, Pasig Philippines

This is what she wrote about herself:
Time to let you know my inner workings. I am the youngest of 3 children and also the only girl; that only meant more goodies for me every holiday season! I was born in Mandaluyong, Philippines and lived there for about two and a half years. I migrated to San Francisco, CA and lived there until I was 10 years old before I moved back to the Philippines so that my brothers and I could take High School there. Common misconception of Philippine education is that, coming from a third world country, the education would be third world as well. The truth of the matter is, high school in the Philippines is collegiate level here in America. That being said, I’m still on my super long break from school.

My high school days were absolutely CRAZY: wake up at 6.00 am to get to class by 7.15 am, class till 4.00 pm. Varsity volleyball training till 5.30. Get home around 6.30 pm and do homework from all subjects in the day and read ahead and take notes (they check your notebooks and grade them!) Go to bed around 12.00-1.00 am.
Lather, rinse, and repeat.

I came back to California when I was 18. I skipped college and got myself a 9-5 at a dental office. At first, I loved it! Then I felt like those people in the movies with their cubicles etc etc… So I started to wonder where my true calling was.

Yes, I’m mainly in the car industry scene now. I love cars. I don’t own a nice one, but my taste for rice rockets grew with my brothers’ constant drooling over 3000 GTs and Skylines and rx7s, watching clips online about drifting in japan and heel toe heel toe heel toe…

In my FIRST year in the industry, I have shot for the cover of Import Tuner magazine with a beautiful exotic’ed out Acura NSX (one of my favorite cars), was featured in PAS Magazine, and scored Super Street cover with an AWESOME SKYLINE!

It was becoming increasingly difficult coming to majority of my events, as most of them were in Southern California and I lived in the Bay area. With my career booming, my schedule filling up, and my demand skyrocketing, I thought it would be easier if I made the move to Southern California. Was I scared? Not really. Come on, I did move my whole life to the Philippines and back.

It is SO great doing what I do now! I love meeting all these new people; promoters, business owners, photographers, other models, a-listers, car fanatics, and last but not least, my fans. This site will be updated regularly with my upcoming gigs so you can come by and hang out with me and my sexy girlfriends!

Now here I am writing my life story to the online community i.e. the universe. I hope you enjoyed my quick background! Now stop reading and start exploring!


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