Shin Min-ah: Korean Actress

Shin Min-ah Profile:

Date of birth : Apr 05, 1984
: Actress
Height : 170 cm
Weight : 48 kg (105-106 lbs)
School : Dong Gook University, 3rd year
Nick : Do Duk Do Duk
Blood Type : O

A BELIEF: Failure is the mother of success.
RESPECT PEOPLE: Yoo Kwan Soon, Richard Cradaman (spelling?)
RESPECT ACTOR: Cameron Diaz, Jang Man Ok
SPECIALITY: Imitating other people"s voices
FAVORITE: Skating, listening to music, Anna Sui, Louis Vuitton, DKNY
CATALOGUE: Sport Replay, Zippy Ziggy, RUjeans, DOP
CF: Chocolate chips, Neo water O2, cookie.com, Mi eh lo, NesCafe, Coolong Perfume and Shampoo,
Sport Replay Sanyo.
M/V: Sharp-Sad Way, Sonya-Your Scent, Lee Seung Hwan-DangBu, G.O.D-I love you and remember, Jo
Sung Mo- Ah Shi Na Yo, Cha Tae Hyun-I love you, Brown Eyes-With Coffee


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