Son Dam Bi: Korean Singer

Son Dam Bi Profile:

Date of birth : Sep 25, 1983
Profession : Singer
Height : 169cm
Weight : 48kg
Genre(s) : K-pop, dance, RnB 


Son Dam Bi, 손담비 is certainly one of the most hyped names to debut in Korea this year. The 24-year-old newcomer has previously appeared in music videos for Param and MYV and various big name commercials, shooting to stardom with an mp3 player CF in which she unleashed her dance moves opposite Poppin Hyun Joon. The buzz around the young singer was so high, MSN Japan made the unprecedented move to give her special coverage before her official debut, closely documenting her rehearsals and training. The video documentary ended up attracting 480,000 visitors in just five days. Son Dam Bi trained especially with a well-known American choreographer in preparation for this album, and her dancing has been so impressive, people are already calling her the female version of Rain!

Son Dam Bi’s highly anticipated debut single comes with five tracks that give her ample opportunity to show off her vocal and dancing talents. Hip hop dance number Cry Eye is produced and composed by Jang Joon Ho, who previously wrote hits like MC Mong’s “180 Degrees” and Jang Woo Hyuk’s Last Game. The lyrics are provided by Brian Kim, who also penned Shinhwa’s Once in Your Life. Son Dam Bi leaves a deep impression with her husky voice, which matches perfectly with the track’s strong beat and melody.


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