Chinene Supermodel Su Su

Su Su Profile:
Name: 苏素 Susu
Blood relationship: Thailand & China mixed (her grandmother is Thai)
Constellation: Taurus
Birthday: May 2, 1984
Height: 175 cm
Weight: 54 kg
Blood type: O
Measurements: 86,60,90
Lucky Number: 7
Hair color: dark
Love’s Philosophy: Natural, Plain
Specialties: Singing, shopping
Favorite flower: Lily
Favorite color: white, black, purple
Favorite drink: water, tea, grapefruit juice
Favorite thing to do: sleep, watch TV
The most satisfying parts: eyes
Favorite city: Los Angeles
Most want to go: Paris
Favorite actors: Meg Ryan, Maggie Cheung, Keanu Reeves, Andy Garcia
The most feared animal: Snake
Favorite season: Winter
Favorite holiday: Birthday
Most dissatisfied with parts: legs(very easy to get fat)
Favorite type of music: lyrical, dance, light music
Favorite way of life: simple
What little things like collect: Hello Kitty and My Melody
Susu, who was a Chinese national swimming team member once, now is a very popular model.

China Supermodel Su Su

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