Kawashima Makiyo-Japan Singer

Kawashima Makiyo Profile:
Kawashima Makiyo
Name: Kawashima Makiyo
Japanese name: 川岛茉树代
Birthdate: Jun-12, 1984
Current age in 2011: 27 years old
Birthplace: Yokohama, Japan
Weight: 41kg
Occupation: Singer, actress and host
Constellation: Gemini
Language: Japanese, Chinese
Family members: Mom, older sister.  Her father is Japanese and her mother is Chinese. She returned to Taiwan with her mother when she is 10.
The most memorable thing: and Yaming know Dad
Favorite singer: LunaSea (SUGIZO), XJAPAN
Favorite sport: volleyball, basketball
Most admired of the opposite sex: good-natured
Favorite color: Pink, Sky Blue
Favorite food: seaweed
Favorite animal: Dog
Favorite Country: United States
Favorite TV shows: “Beautiful Life”
Favorite places: Hawaii
Greatest wish: to buy a house and live with her families

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Kawashima Makiyo-Japanese Singer
Kawashima Makiyo-Japanese Singer

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