Kelly Lin- Taiwanese Model

Kelly Lin- Taiwanese Model
Kelly Lin Profile:
Name: Kelly Lin
English name: Kelly
Height: 1 meter 67
Body weight: 48KG
Blood-group: A
Activity: Actress, Model
Native place: Chinese Taiwan School record: American California University graduation Marital
status: Unmarried Repugnant
place: Does not have Most likes
color: White, ash, red, black
Most likes singer: Zhang Guorong, Mary triumphant Li
Most likes animal: Does not have
Most likes holiday: Birthday
Most likes country: American Los Angeles
Hobby: Sings, watches the television, sleeps
Merit: Is careless, does not arrest the section, nature
Shortcoming: Peaceful when slightly dislikes eccentrically
Individual motto: Endures for a while uneventfully, draws back a step of sea extravagant day to be high.
Most likes movie work: Does not select, all likes
Most likes song: Wang Fei song

Kelly Lin- Taiwanese Model
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