Mallika Sherawat- Indian Actress

Mallika Sherawat- Indian Actress
Indian actress who has decided to try her luck in Hollywood few years ago, Mallika Sherawat, is trying to get her local fans to not forget her by appearing in April 2011 edition of FHM India.

Those who doesn't familiar with Mallika Sherawat is probably shocked with her pose in the magazine, because some are very hot and involving topless pics. India is a very conservative country and despise this kind of pictorial. Heck, they don't even allow French kiss in their movies.

Before moved to America, Mallika Sherawat was known as one of the most provocative actresses in Bollywood for her sexy scenes and blunt opinions to public. But apparently her moving decision hasn't come to fruition yet. Hollywood's producers haven't been interested to use her talent, while she has to let go offers from Indian showbiz. Probably this was the reason why she had to attract some attention by bared her magnificent hot body in magazine?

Mallika Sherawat- Indian Actress
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