Savika Chaiyadej-Thailand Actress

Savika Chaiyadej Profile:
First Name: Savika (สาวิกา)
Last Name: Chaiyadej (ไชยเตช)
Nickname: Pinky (พิ้งกี้)
DOB: June 19th, 1986
POB: Bangkok, Thailand
Religion: Muslim
Current Occupation: Thai Actress
W. Future Occupation: Air Hostess, Business Woman!
Siblings: 2 Elder Brothers
Blood Group: A
Weight: 47 kilograms
Height: 171 centermeters
F. Color(s): Pink, Black, and White!
F. Food: "Lad-Naa-Goong-Sub"
F. Flower: Rose
F. Sport: Swimming & Basketball
F. Script Type: "Bod-Guan-Pra-Sard"
Hobby(ies): Singing
Pets: 3 Persian Cats: Paula, Num-Chok, and Dollar
Hates: Cockroaches
Scared Of: Nothing! *ahem!*
Car: Honda Civic & Toyota Avanza

savika chaiyadej-Thailand Actress

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