Stella Marie - Filipina Model

Stella Marie Profile:
name : Stella Marie
measurements : 34B-23-38
height : 5′8″
weight : 123
hair : long dark brown
eyes : light brown
zodiac : LEO
birthplace : San Diego, CA
hometown : Honolulu, HI
ethnicity : Filipina/Native American/Irish/Dutch
website : personal website will be up in march.
www.facebook.com/thestellamarie www.twitter.com/thestellamarie
Hey Everyone this is Stella Marie!I was born in SD but raised in Hawaii until High School where I bounced around from state to state.
I was raised in a strict military family with strong Asian-American values. I started catalog and runway modeling when I was 11 and haven’t stopped since.
I graduated with my degree in Intercultural Studies and am currently working towards getting my Teaching Credentials so I can teach High School. I previously worked in both government (interning for local elected officials) and education (interning as a teacher at my previous college).
I have a passion for teaching and the only things that can surmount to that are my passions for watching silly movies, cooking filipino and italian food, rock climbing, collecting comics, and playing video games til the sun comes up. Growing up just being “one of the boys” has taught me that there’s more to life than just stilettos… there’s also dunks and jordans.
Photographer credits: Percival, Arturo Torres, Rich Yee, KW of Imaginemodels.com, Kelsey Winterkorn, Nikolay Chegirev, Dennis Santarinala
- Stella Marie


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