Vietnamese Singer My Tam

My Tam Profile:
Name: My Tam

Full Name: Phan Thị Mỹ Tâm
Birth: 1981-January-16

Birth Location: Dang Nang - Viet Nam
Profession: Singer

Size: T:168cm | B:84cm | W:58cm | H:85cm | S:24cm

My Tam graduated from the from the Ho Chi Minh City Conservatory and is currently one of the most favorite singers in Vietnam.
My Tam left her native hometown Da Nang for Ho Chi Minh city to learn vocal music at Intermediate level of the Conservatory. Up to now, My Tam has got many achivements. As for this lovely singer, the most important award is the copper medal in “Asian Music Festival” held in Shanghai at the end of 2000 when she worked in Music Center in Ho Chi Minh city. Since that year, My Tam has to overcome many challenges to be an “independent-professional singer”. She also wanted to be a composer. She wrote the song “Love Forever” with helps from composer Nguyen Quang. In addition, “Dream Love”, “First Kiss”, ect. are successful presented.
In the middle of 2001, My Tam had a great success thanks to the song “Toc Nau Moi Tram” which is the most impressive one for its composer. The songs she has presented usually fill with deep meaning of love, life, youth, etc. That is why nowaday My Tam is one of the most favorite singers to millions of Vietnamese music fans.

Vietnamese Singer My Tam

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