Japanese Sexy Model Noriko Sagara

Noriko Sagara Profile:
Name: Noriko Sagara
Japanese name: 相楽のり子
Birthday: 3-3, 1982
Birthplace: Tokyo, Japan
Blood type: B
Height: 161cm
Weight: 45kg
Measurements: B95 (Japanese H-cup) W58 H88 (37×23×35")
Favorite idol: Nakagawa Shouko
Favorite phrase: ("Peach-colored harmony")
Specialty: Dancing, hand spring
Self-character analysis: 「甘えん坊」 ("Amaenbou"; a child that acts immature to get what she wants)

Noriko Sagara 相楽のり子 is 29 year old Japanese gravure idol from Tokyo who started modeling in 2001. In 2002 she joined Erika Ito 伊藤絵理香 and Yoko Kumada 熊田曜子 in the idol group P-Girls.

Noriko Sagara is enjoys karaoke, nail art and love sports such as gymnastics, swimming, skiing and scuba diving. Noriko has appeared in several TV series such as Touch, WISH, Night, Star TBS of Nighttime, MASHO, 8 DVDs and 3 photo books.

Noriko Sagara made her debut in the entertainment industry with the J-Pop group 80'PAN! After the original third member of the group decided to not be part of the band, she won the audition to be the new member.

For the first two 80'PAN! singles, she only played the guitar, but at their third single, she became one of the two main singers (while still providing guitar). On November 2006, she because one of the Bibus idols and was featured in BOMB! magazine with her first bikini shots. On October 8th, she graduated from 80'PAN! to pursue a solo career as a singer, talent (guitarist), and gravure idol.

Japanese Sexy Model Noriko Sagara
Japanese Sexy Model Noriko Sagara

Noriko Sagara's Video:

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