Sayumi Mishichige Sexy in Swimming Pool

Sayumi Mishichige Profile:
Michishige Sayumi(道重 さゆみ, born July 13, 1989 in Ube, Yamaguchi Prefecture, Japan) is a sixth generation member and sub-leader of the J-pop group Morning Musume.When Michishige passed the audition to join Morning Musume, Tsunku wrote in a comment about her that her singing is weak. After the audition, Michishige had taken voice lessons to improve her singing, but even she admits that her own singing is still bad.

She portrays an extremely narcissistic image of herself in TV shows, often calling herself the cutest member in Morning Musume and saying that her cuteness overwhelms her bad singing voice. In one of the of the skits known as Hello! Morning Theatre on their variety show, Hello! Morning, she is best known as playing a character known as “Ichiban Kawaii.” (Cutest) “Usa-chan Peace” (Bunny Peace) is a phrase which Michishige uses to identify herself. While saying “Usa-chan peace” she holds her index and middle fingers in V shapes next to her ears.

Sayumi Mishichige

Sayumi Mishichige in Bikini

Sayumi Mishichige Sexy in Swimming Pool

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